1,5-2HP - XP2 - Impeller

1,50Hp - 2Hp

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Art.nr: 91694150
Hyllplats: H02 - L05/01
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Replacement impeller for the Aqua-flo Flo Master XP2 wet end.  This impeller may have also been used in Aqua-flo Flo Master XP2e wet ends specified by various hot tub manufactures.

Top Tip
When replacing an impeller we recommend you replace the shaft seal as well. This impeller uses seal type PS-200 - see related listings.

Notable Markings that may help to identify your impeller
XP2 impellers have 7 diagonal slots on the impeller face.

Useful Information
In 2012, the way Aqua-flo pumps are rated changed. They are now rated with both an operational horsepower (Hp), and a total horsepower (THp) rating.
Older versions only used the operational horsepower. If you are replacing a pre 2012 Aquaflo pump impeller, be sure to match the operational hp rating rather than the total hp.

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Impeller Details
Model: XP2
MPN: 91694150
Hp Rating: 1.50 Hp
Dot Colour: Blue + Green + Yellow
Vane Count: 7
Impeller Measurements
Diameter: 103 mm
Total Length: 79 mm
Vane Gap: 8 mm
Shaft Outer Diameter: 16 mm
Intake Inner Diameter: 48.2 mm
Intake Outer Diameter: 53.5 mm
Compatible With
Wet End - 48F: XP2 - 1.50Hp Part # 91041609
Shaft Seal: PS-200 / QF 3206