Pop-up speaker (Apollo)

Spa POP-UP speaker

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Shelf Location: APL-101130
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These speakers are sold individually.

The product is specially designed for bathtub, high density material housing, hide bomb design, 180┬░ degree rotational housing. Anti-magnetic Speaker, PP waterproof material basin, High density Neodymium magnet (Nd-Fe-B).

It is a faddish sound system built up with high precision electronic components, including 2 bass units and 1 alt unit. This system can produce clear sound with genuine texture and balanced dynamic state and bring up totally natural hi-fi effect after rational frequency division. It is suitable for all kinds of faddish recreation massage bathtub.
Part #: APL-101130
Manufactured by: Blue Falls Manufacturing
Brand Using This Part: Apollo
First Date Used: 2006
First Serial Number Used: 75213
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