1-1/2 Inch PVC Fitting Extender - Street Imperial - 1.50"

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PVC Fitting Extender - Street - Socket x Spigot or Female x Male
polyvinyl chloride - unplasticised, PVC-U

Fitting extenders fit OVER the socket end of a fitting to extend them. The male end is either a 2.00"(60mm) spigot or a 1.50"(48mm) socket.
May not work on all manufactured fittings. Compatible with ALL Waterway and Spears Schedule 40 fittings.

A pressure pipe fitting that provides excellent chemical resistance to most solutions of acids, alkalis and salts and solvents that can be mixed with water. Rated to 230psi/16bar.
PVC pipe and fittings are one of the most widely used materials for pipe installations. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and common place on hot tubs, whirlpool baths, spas and swimming pools. All fittings and pipework have smooth bores which aid in good flow characteristics and resistance to abrasion. PVC is light to handle and can be easily jointed with a simple set of tools, PVC solvent cement and accessories.

  •     Excellent chemical resistance
  •     Indoor and outdoor use
  •     Lightweight and easy to handle
  •     Compatible with other systems
  •     Easy to install
  •     Conforms to British Standards

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